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FrontPageit is a platform for finding content worth your time. It enables you to see what the experts and thoughtleaders are reading, based on topics that interest you.

We believe only people (not computers) are qualified to curate the content that matters most. We handpick curators who find, organise and share the best articles, posts, videos and news stories on the web. These curators play the role of editor, they are responsible for helping a community of followers discover incredible content.

Why did we create FrontPageit?
Because you’ve got time to read the best articles, not every article.


Less Noise Than Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter gave ordinary people a voice. Now everyone is a publisher. The problem is that social networks mix conversation with content. There’s heaps of noise and communication overhead, which means quality content is easily overlooked. Another major problem is the lack of structure. Hashtags are an afterthought, at best.


Great Content, Not Content Marketing

Recent statistics show that roughly 90% of companies are marketing with content. The explosion in content production means there is now tremendous repetition and redundancy. There are many more publishers than there are unique angles. Too many articles conceal a sales pitch designed by content marketers to convince and convert. You rarely get the full picture, free from bias or self-interest.


Quality Over Clicks

With a traditional media like magazines and newspapers there are only so many pages to fill. The internet couldn’t be more different. It’s an infinite publishing space. Each new article doesn’t subtract from the available space for other articles. And the barriers to entry are low. Anyone can setup a blog and add to the deluge of digital content. In an effort to stand out, headlines have become excessively exaggerated. Clickbait has been designed to fool you into creating another pageview for the publisher.


Search and Discovery

We created FrontPageit so you can answer three basic questions:
1. Who is the authority?
2. What is worth reading?
3. What is genuninely new information?




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