Frequently Asked Questions

Curator FAQs

Who is a Curator?

A Curator is a FrontPage it user who is authorised to share content on the network and have followers. Curators are respected and authoritative experts or thoughtleaders in their field.


Why should I become a Curator?

Most Curators also use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest. These platforms often filter the content that reaches audiences, meaning that not all posts are seen by followers. Another issue is that everyone on the network is both a publisher and a reader. Even if the network feed is not filtered it’s very noisy, meaning posts are easily overlooked.

FrontPageit is different, only Curators can organize and share content. Everyone else is a reader only. Benefits for Curators include guaranteed reach and new followers based on respect for their domain expertise. FrontPageit also frees experts from the pressure of constant publishing by rewarding them for sharing the best content, regardless of who published it.


How do I share content to FrontPageit?

Curators can share content by following these simple steps:
1. Paste a link
2. Add a photo.
3. Add a summary (the Gist of It).
4. Select a topic.
5. Click “Post”.


Do I get paid for being a FrontPageit curator?

Curators receive followers and traffic but are not paid by FrontPageit.


What kind of content can Curators share?

Curators can share any kind of content, for example news, stories, articles, videos and audio. Every link that a Curator shares must relate to a topic.


What happens when a reader clicks an article?

Clicking an article opens a broswer tab containing the original article. For example, an article from the New York Times will direct the reader to the New York Times website. When they are finished reading the article, the reader can return to FrontPageit to continue searching for more great content.


Is FrontPageit search engine friendly?

Yes, FrontPageit has been optimised to be search engine friendly. If there are specific keywords you want to use to drive search traffic to your FrontPageit profile, make sure to include them in the Gist of It summary.


Can I create a new topic?

Yes. After a Curator has been approved, they can create a new topic if that doesn’t doesn’t already exist. Once created, the Curator can publish content to that topic.




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