Frequently Asked Questions

Reader FAQs

Is FrontPageit free?

Yes, 100% free! You’ll never be charged for using FrontPageit.


Why should I join FrontPageit?

Join Now if you’re interested in discovering the best content on the internet. If you’re sick of being mislead by clickbait headlines or never-ending sales pitches from content marketers, FrontPageit is for you. No other network brings you content that is handpicked by world- leading experts, based on the topics you are interested in.


How do I create a FrontPageit account?

It takes less than 30 seconds to create a FrontPageit account, just visit our sign up page. Create a new account by connecting your exiting social media accounts or sign up with an email and password. Once your account is created, you can sign in from anywhere on your mobile, tablet or desktop. If you need more help, check out our Getting Started Guide.


Where do articles come from?

FrontPageit is different from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. With social networks, everyone is both a reader and a publisher. Anyone can add content to the network or start a conversation by posting a status update. On FrontPageit, only Curators can add content but everyone can read and comment. If you’re interested in finding out more about sharing content on FrontPageit, checkout our Curator FAQs.


Do I follow topics or people?

That’s a trick question because in a way the answer is both. You follow Curators (people) who share content by topic. You can browse or search for content by topic and by pereson. It’s up to you.


How do I find Curators to follow?

When you create an account, you can search for Curators by name or you can browse all the Curators for your favourite topic. You can also follow some of the Curators we suggest.


How do I know who I am following?

Follow Curators by clicking the  icon, which you will see on various pages across FrontPageit. When the icon looks like this it means you are following that Curator. See a list of Curators you're following by clicking on a topic under the heading “Interests I Follow” on your home page's sidebar.


How do I unfollow a Curator?

Unfollow a Curator by clicking the heart icon. When you are not following a Curator, the icon will look like this .


What is the “Gist of It”?

When a Curator shares a news story or article they must add their own short summary. We call this summary the “Gist of It”. The purpose the Gist of It is to make it easier for you to decide whether the content is worth reading. We know you’re busy and don’t have time to waste.




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