FrontPageit Launches a New App that Promises to Cull Clickbait Headlines

Content curation network FrontPageit is betting big on human editors to find, organise and share the best articles on the web.


Dublin, 28 September 2015 - FrontPageit ( has been quietly recruiting expert editors to curate its online content platform. The platform allows readers to see what their favourite thoughtleaders are reading, and promises relief from clickbait headlines and bombastic content marketers.


What is FrontPageit?

FrontPageit is a content network powered by expert Curators who find, organise and share the best articles on the web. It’s a social platform that helps users see what thoughtleaders are reading or watching, based on topics of interest. On FrontPageit you can find content worth reading.

FrontPageit was created because people are feeling overwhelmed by content. They have the time to read the best articles, or watch the best videos. They don’t have time for irrelevant status updates that streams through their Facebook news feed, their Twitter feed is mostly chatter and their inbox is filled with emails written to convince and convert.


News Isn’t Breaking Anymore, It’s Broken

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, not every FrontPageit user can share content. Only expert curators are authorised to share. Also, every post shared by an expert must be accompanied by a short summary that gives readers the “Gist of It”.

“There is no advertising on FrontPageit” says founder Henry Okpolokpo. “We’re committed to quality over pageviews. It’s what overwhelmed readers are crying out for.”

FrontPageit users are able to browse categories such as technology, science, relationships and travel to find the most authoritative curators. A users’s news feed is populated with stories, articles and videos shared by the expert curators that they follow.


Give Them What’s Good, Not What Spreads

FrontPageit is very selective about who is authorised to curate content. Users are able to nominate their favourite thoughtleaders and experts but only the top 5% are invited to become curators. And when they become a curator, these experts are asked to share third-party content, not just their own content.


Why Create FrontPageit?

FrontPageit was designed for single purpose - discovering incredible content. Great stories on specific topics, not pointless status updates or pictures of cats.


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